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Welcome to River Valley

Discover a family-oriented horse boarding facility committed to enriching our community's understanding of horsemanship and riding in East County San Diego.

At River Valley Equestrian Center, we offer unparalleled amenities, including spacious stalls (most are 150 feet long), an illuminated riding arena, a round pen, a dressage arena, a turn-out arena, a lush grass polo field, multiple daily wellness checks, and an indoor polo arena. You'll also have direct access to miles of pristine trails right from our property, ensuring a seamless riding experience.

Our 40-acre property exudes tranquility, providing a serene environment for both horses and riders. Choose River Valley Equestrian Center for a peaceful and nurturing home for your horse.

About The Ranch

RVEC Horse

River Valley Equestrian Center was born from the vision and dedication of the Bankhead family in 2014. With blood, sweat, and tears poured into every corner of our 40-acre property, we've cultivated a sanctuary for horses and their riders. Our story is one of relentless commitment to reviving horsemanship and elevating equine care within our community.

Beyond boarding, our mission encompasses educational clinics and engaging events, aimed at fostering a deeper connection between equestrians and their beloved steeds.

At River Valley Equestrian Center, we invite you to be a part of our story, to share in the journey fueled by love and dedication, and to experience a world where every detail is designed to reflect our profound commitment to horses and their enthusiasts.

About RVEC

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RVEC Trail Ride

Premier Facilities

Spacious stalls, a lit arena, a round pen, polo fields, trails, and 40 acres of serenity.

RVEC Trail Ride
RVEC Wedding

Lakeside Polo

Host weddings, corporate events, weekly chukkers, and tournaments in scenic El Monte Valley.

RVEC Wedding
RVEC Polo Horse

Top-Tier Boarding

Morning and night feeding, 24/7 care, stall cleaning, wellness checks, and full trail and arena access.

RVEC Polo Horse
RVEC Lesson

Riding Lessons

Join peers for fundamental skills or elevate your riding with focused attention.

RVEC Lesson
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